Monday, 17 July 2017

Jodie Whittaker The New Doctor - video by The Socks

Yesterday the new Doctor Who was announced, and today The Socks made a video about it. Enjoy. Let's see if this is as popular as our DUP video from last month.

At time of writing it's only been up for four hours. Youtube has 135 views, Facebook 4800 views, 140 shares, and 13,337 reached.

UPDATE: Tuesday night (1 day later), Facebook 18,000 views, 355 shares, 47,406 reached. Youtube 519 views.

Weds night, FB 32,000 views, 524 shares, 79,918 reached. Youtube 660 views.
Thurs night, FB 37,000 views, 585 shares, 89,918 reached. Youtube 735 views.
Sat am, FB 40,000 views, 598 shares, 94,676 reached. Youtube 911 views.

Socks Do Shakespeare at The Camden Fringe, August 16 & 17 - Book now! 

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